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Efficiently and Safely Validate Battery Management Systems

Hioki SS7081-50 a 12-channel battery cell voltage generator that delivers power supply, electronic load, and DMM functionality in a single package. The system's simple architecture makes building an environment for validating BMS functionality safer, more affordable and more productive than ever before.

Key Features
• Build a highly accurate BMS* validation environment easily and safely (*BMS : Battery Management System)
• Use as voltage generator or simulated battery in place of actual batteries and power supplies to establish an efficient testing environment

Number of channels 12
Maximum in-series connections In-series connections of instrument up to and including a
maximum in-series output voltage of 1000 V
Output range DC voltage: 0.0000 V to 5.0250 V (set independently for all channels)
Maximum output current: ±1.00000 A (set independently for all channels)
Measurement range DC voltage: -0.00100 V to 5.10000 V
DC current (2-range architecture): ±1.20000 A (1 A range)
±120.0000 μA (100 μA range)
Integration time 1 PLC (50 Hz: 20 ms; 60 Hz: 16.7 ms) × number of smoothing
iterations (user-configured)
Voltage output accuracy ±0.0150% of setting ±500 μV
Voltage measurement accuracy ±0.0100% of reading ±100 μV
Current measurement accuracy 1 A range: ±0.0700% of reading ±100 μA
100 μA range: ±0.0350% of reading ±10 nA
Interfaces LAN
Power supply Universal (100 V to 240 V AC), 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Dimensions and mass 430 (16.93 in)W × 132 (5.20 in)H × 483 (19.02 in)D, 10.3 kg (363.3 oz.)
Accessories User manual × 1, power cord × 1, rack frame × 1, disk with computer application × 1 (Available within the range of application specifications)

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